30 years ago, in July 1986, Völklingen Ironworks in German Saarland, the largest and oldest steel plant in Europe, stopped operating.

Völklingen used to be one of five richest and most flourishing cities in Germany. After World War II 17000 people were employed there. Upon closing of the plant the life in the city became somehow frozen in time. Völklingen lives with memories - closed shops, coal-dust and soot on the walls, abandoned villas, barber shops in the 80ies' style, and the people themselves a bit naive and old-fashioned - all this reminds of the past. But the main memory of the former glory still dominates the city - the gigantic plant was turned into a museum and since 1994 belongs to UNESCO World Heritage.
The museum is used for exhibitions, shows or concerts. This compromise was thought to bring back life to the once powerful city, but the plant-museum and the city exist separately. The once close connection is lost forever.